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Understanding Comprehensive Car Insurance

Image by Hans from Pixabay

Comprehensive coverage is an important type of auto insurance that covers a variety of accidents that could happen, not related to a collision. This type of insurance can protect you against damage caused by natural disasters, theft, vandalism, animals, and flying rocks.

Comprehensive coverage is not required by law, but it’s a good idea to have it if you want to fully protect your vehicle. It’s also important to note that comprehensive coverage is not the same as collision coverage, which covers damages to your car if you get into an at-fault accident with another vehicle or object.

Comprehensive coverage can cover things like hail damage, flood damage, windshield cracks caused by flying debris, or damage caused by a fallen tree branch. It can also cover the cost of replacing or repairing your car if it’s stolen or vandalized. Additionally, many comprehensive coverage policies offer coverage for animal-related damages such as hitting a deer or other wildlife. Double check with your insurance agent on this one!

Keep in mind, there are limits to what comprehensive coverage will cover. For example, it probably won’t cover damage caused by intentional acts or reckless behavior. Also, there may be a deductible that you’ll have to pay before your insurance kicks in, so be sure to check your policy for details. Our advice is to have as low of a deductible as possible living in Wheat Ridge and the surrounding Denver area since windshield damage from rocks and hail is so common.

Overall, comprehensive coverage is an important part of your car insurance policy. It can help protect you and your car from a variety of risks and unexpected events. If you’re not sure if you have comprehensive coverage, or if you’re considering adding it to your policy, talk to us at RMP so we can help you out.

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