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Auto Insurance

Let’s talk about auto insurance coverage—it has two parts. The first part is called liability. It’s all about taking responsibility for injuring others or damaging their property. In Colorado, liability insurance is essential and a requirement by law.

The second part of car insurance is all about covering your car itself. This is where comprehensive coverage comes in, reimbursing you for losses from fire, theft, or hail. Then there’s collision coverage which pays for any repairs you need after an at-fault accident. These types of coverage are usually mandatory if you’re leasing your car or have a loan from a bank. In Colorado, if you choose to forgo medical and uninsured motorist coverage, the state requires you to sign a waiver that shows you denied it.

If you want to save some money on your premiums, consider choosing a higher deductible for the physical damage coverage. And, if you have umbrella insurance, make sure you’ve got enough basic liability insurance coverage to avoid any gaps in coverage in case of a serious accident.

Remember, having the right auto insurance coverage is crucial part of protecting yourself and others on the road. So make sure you’re fully covered and enjoy your ride with peace of mind!

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