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Your Winter Roadtrip Kit for Denver, CO


Winter weather can get pretty tricky, right? But no worries, you can be ready for it with a glove box survival kit. Let’s chat about what you should stash in your glove box and trunk just in case things get a bit wild. Icy and snowy roads can be a bit tricky, so it’s smart to be prepared for anything.

Your Winter Driving Kit: Be Safe on Slippery Roads

First thing’s first, your emergency kit should have some snow gloves, a multi-tool with a knife and other useful stuff, a couple of those Mylar space blankets, a flashlight with fresh batteries, a plastic poncho, and some emergency food like protein bars. In the trunk, you want to have some survival gear, like a small shovel, a bag of sand for traction, cozy blankets, and bottles of water.

Before winter hits, give your car a full checkup. Getting all your car parts checked can save you from getting stuck in the freezing cold. Make sure your tires are up for the task, especially with enough tread. If you’re dealing with deep snow, having chains can be a game-changer.

Take a peek at your car insurance too. Maybe it’s time for a little upgrade. You want coverage that really protects you, especially if you ever bump into another driver. Some folks drive like they’re in a race, and if they cause trouble without insurance, your coverage can step in. It’s a good idea to go for more than the basics (because 25% of drivers don’t even have the basics!). And hey, having a policy with roadside help is like having Superman on speed dial. We can help you figure out the best plan for you and your fam.

Always keep your gas tank happy. Fill it up when it’s half empty, especially during a winter road trip. If you ever find yourself stuck or in a little crash, the gas will keep you warm. Make sure your exhaust pipe isn’t playing hide and seek under the snow. Warm up your ride for about 10 minutes and then turn it off. Sometimes, it takes a bit for the rescue squad to show up, especially in places with no city lights. Staying toasty is the name of the game. Hang tight in your ride; don’t try to be a snow explorer. Visibility is lousy, and walking along a snowy road is risky business.

We’re here for you! Our local team is ready to chat and check out your car insurance. We’ve got the inside scoop on the best deals for you. Finding the perfect coverage at the right price is what we do for our friends.

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