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What Are 4 Steps You Can Take to Make Your Water Heater Last Longer


Let’s talk about keeping that water heater of yours in tip-top shape. You know, the one tucked away somewhere, making sure you have a warm shower waiting for you? We’ll keep it simple, promise!

1. Manual Valve Check-Up

First thing’s first, grab that manual for your water heater. If you don’t have it, no worries. Check the manufacturer’s website for a digital version. Now, find your Temperature Pressure Relief (TPR) valve. It’s the one that lets out extra heat and pressure. Turn off the cold-water supply, get a bucket ready, and lift the lever on the valve. Hot water or a bit of air and vapor should pop out. If not, or if water won’t stop, you might need a new valve. Just remember to drain the tank halfway before unscrewing anything.

2. Tank Spa Day: Drain and Rod Check

Time for a little spa day for your tank. Turn off the power for electric heaters or switch gas ones to “pilot.” Connect a garden hose to the drain valve, open both the TPR valve and the drain valve, and let that water flow. It’s like giving your tank a good cleanse. Now, meet the anode rod. It’s a long rod that takes one for the team by attracting corrosion. If it’s more than half the size it used to be, it’s time for a new one.

3. Refill and Power Up

Alright, you’ve given your tank a detox. Time to refill and power up. If you’ve got an electric heater, switch the power back on. For gas ones, flip the gas switch from “pilot” to “on.” Open the nearest hot water spigot and turn on the cold-water supply to your tank. Once water’s flowing, shut that spigot off. Check the temperature setting, too. We want warmth, not a scalding hot surprise. Lower the temperature to save energy, especially when you’re away.

4. Cozy Up: Insulate Your Heater and Pipes

Let’s make your heater feel extra cozy. Wrap it up with a water heater blanket. It’s like a warm hug, and it can save you some bucks on heating costs. Your local hardware store can hook you up with a blanket kit. Be careful, though, especially with gas heaters. Poorly installed blankets can be a fire risk. Also, grab some pipe insulation—like a sweater for your pipes, saving energy and keeping things toasty.

There you go, a little TLC for your water heater. It’ll keep the hot water flowing and your showers as cozy as ever. Easy, right?

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