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Safeguarding Your Business: A Comprehensive Guide to Wildfire Preparedness


In the face of escalating wildfire threats, protecting your business is not just a priority but a necessity. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fortify your business before, during, and after a wildfire.

1. Fast Facts:

  • Annually, over 100,000 wildfires scorch 4 to 5 million acres of U.S. land.
  • Currently, 16% of the population resides in wildfire-prone areas, a number expected to rise to 21% in the next 30 years.

2. Before a Wildfire:

a. Develop a Business Continuity Plan: Outline strategies to ensure operations continue seamlessly.

b. Review Insurance Coverage: Confirm that your insurance coverage is comprehensive and up-to-date.

c. Property Protection: Take preemptive measures to safeguard your property, such as creating defensible space and installing class A-rated roofing.

d. People Protection: Implement advanced planning for personnel safety, including evacuation plans, communication strategies, and keeping emergency contact lists current.

3. During a Wildfire:

a. Activate Business Continuity Plan: Put your preparedness plan into action promptly.

b. Secure the Building: Close windows, vents, doors, and blinds to prevent embers from entering.

c. Utilities Shut-Down: Turn off gas, pilot lights, and propane tanks.

d. Visibility Measures: Turn on all lights to enhance visibility for emergency responders.

e. HVAC Systems: Shut off heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to avoid spreading embers.

f. Flammable Items: Move flammable items inside to reduce the risk of ignition.

g. Evacuation Procedures: Adhere to evacuation warnings and ensure all personnel are aware of escape routes.

4. After a Wildfire:

a. Communication is Key: Maintain open lines with corporate management, insurance professionals, displaced personnel, customers, vendors, and local and federal agencies.

b. Assessment and Inspection: Once safe, return to assess the damage and identify potential hazards like broken glass, sharp metal, and live electrical wires.

c. System Checks: Ensure protection and mechanical systems are operational.

d. Securing the Area: Take measures to secure the area from potential future damage.

e. Repairs and Salvage: Initiate repairs and salvage operations to minimize losses.

f. Insurance Procedures: Contact your insurance agent, broker, and carrier(s) promptly to kickstart the claims process.

In the face of wildfire threats, proactive measures can make all the difference. By fortifying your business and having a well-thought-out plan, you’re not just protecting your assets but also ensuring the safety and continuity of your business operations.

Stay vigilant, stay prepared.

To check up on your insurance coverage and go over wildfire prep, send our insurance experts a message!

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