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Reducing Risks During Curbside Pickup in Wheat Ridge, Colorado


So, let’s talk about one of the most popular things at restaurants right now—curbside pickup. It’s like magic; you order food, drive up, and ta-da, your dinner’s handed to you without leaving your car. But, you know, like with all cool ideas, there are some things to be careful about.

Risks in the Curbside Lane

First off, there are a few things restaurant owners need to think about. It’s not just about making lives easier; there are some risks. Here’s what we’re talking about:

1. Keep Your Crew Safe

When your crew is running food out to cars, there are some safety risks. Think about it—uneven parking lots, potholes, and bad weather can make your crew slip or trip. Plus, with cars moving around, there’s a risk someone could get hit. And, because your crew might be carrying cash, there’s a chance bad folks could try something not-so-friendly. Especially when it’s darker out.

2. Liability Headaches

More cars in your parking lot mean a higher chance of crashes. It could be two cars bumping or a car hitting someone walking to your restaurant. Either way, if it happens on your property during curbside pickup, it might become your problem.

3. Mix-Ups and Misses

Imagine this: you order your favorite burger that you’ve been craving for the past several days, and they hand you a salad. Not fun, right? Well, that could happen with curbside pickup, especially if things get busy. And if someone shows up claiming an order that’s not theirs, chaos could follow.

Avoiding Curbside Confusion

Now, let’s talk about avoiding these issues. We want curbside pickup to be smooth and trouble-free. Here’s what you can do:

1. Choose a Good Spot

Pick a curbside pickup spot close to your entrance, so your crew doesn’t have to dodge traffic. Light it up well and maybe throw in some security cameras for extra safety. Make sure everyone knows where to go with clear signs and parking spot markings.

2. Keep It Clean

A bumpy, messy parking lot is an accident waiting to happen. Regular checks for cracks, holes, and anything that could trip someone up are crucial. In bad weather, get rid of snow, put down salt, and use mats to stop slips.

3. Gear Up Your Crew

Train your crew well and make sure they’re up for the task. Give them reflective vests for visibility, especially if it’s getting dark.

4. Go Cashless

Why risk carrying cash? Try a cashless system—let people pay online or with cards. It’s safer for everyone.

5. Talk to Your Customers

Explain the curbside pickup game to your customers. They need to know the drill—when to come, where to park, and how to say they’ve arrived. Keep them in their cars for safety. And make sure your system for labeling orders is on point.

6. Get Covered

Last but not least, chat with an insurance whiz. They’ll help figure out your risks, set up safety measures, and get you the right coverage, like workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

There you go—curbside pickup made safer and smoother. Happy eating!

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