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Need Help Filing a Claim for Snow Damage in Thornton, CO?


Snowfall can be fun for snowball fights and building snowmen, but when it piles up, it can cause trouble for your home and wheels. Imagine a heavy snowfall damaging your roof or your car. You might think, “I’ve got insurance, so I’m good, right?” Well, not all insurance covers snow, so it’s smart to know what’s what.

Different insurance types cover different things. Your home insurance might help if your roof caves in, but what if the snow wrecks your fence or messes up your pool? Not all damage is in the same boat. Chat with one of our local insurance agents. They’ll guide you on the types of coverage you need. They’ll look at your home and the things that could get hit by a big snowfall.

Now, let’s say the worst happens, and your home becomes a snow casualty. Can you stay somewhere else while it gets fixed? Will you get emergency funds for clothes and other basics? You need to be sure your insurance game is strong enough to dodge a money disaster in case of a snowpocalypse.

Here’s the drill:

  1. Ring us up if your home or car gets into a snow squabble.
  2. Get with your insurance agent. Tell them all the snow drama–the more details, the better. Most times, you can file a claim online, easy peasy.
  3. Save those receipts and bills. Keep ’em together, somewhere safe. These papers show what it cost to fix the mess.
  4. Hire a top-notch repair crew. Check the Better Business Bureau for the best folks. You can also ask our agents–they’ve got a list of reliable companies.
  5. The adjuster’s visit. An insurance whiz will come by to check out the damages. Make sure they don’t rush. Every nook and cranny needs a look. If the roof caves, it might mess up other spots. So, a thorough check is a must.

And here’s a smart tip: talk to us about any gaps in your home insurance. Maybe certain areas or systems need extra coverage. We don’t want you caught in the cold without enough protection after heavy snowfall. And don’t forget your car–make sure it’s covered if snow decides to play rough.

We love hearing from neighbors, so pick up that phone and dial us today! Let’s make sure you’re all set for whatever winter throws your way.

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