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How to Practice Kitchen Safety with Thanksgiving Approaching in Denver, CO


Cooking up a storm in the kitchen for Thanksgiving is stressful, right? Not only is it stress inducing, but we’ve got to talk about kitchen safety because we want this feast to be remembered for the deliciousness, not for any kitchen chaos. So, let’s dive into some easy tips to keep the kitchen dance smooth and safe.

1. The Fire Drill: No, Not the School One

First things first, know your enemy—and in the kitchen, that’s fire. Keep things away from the stove that don’t belong there, like dish towels, paper towels, or your cousin’s sleeve. And hey, you’re not a magician, so keep those curtains and potholders away from the burners too. When you’re done with a pot or pan, turn off the stove.

2. The Knife Jive: Chop Safely

Knives are your best friends in the kitchen, but we need to handle them with care. First rule, keep those fingers tucked in while chopping. If a knife falls, let it be. Don’t try to catch it with your hands—that’s how accidents happen. And when you’re done with the knife, wash it right away.

3. The Slippery Shuffle: Watch Your Step

The kitchen floor can be a slippery dance floor, but without the fancy moves. If you spill something, clean it up pronto. We’re not doing the cha-cha with slippery floors. Same goes for those banana peels—seriously, no one wants a comedy show in the kitchen. And oh, if you see someone else’s mess, be a good dance partner and clean it up.

4. The Oven Ballet: Don’t Get Burned

Use oven mitts or potholders—your bare hands are not superheroes. And don’t peek into the oven too often; you’re not checking on a sleeping baby. Let the heat do its thing. If something catches fire in the oven, close the door and turn off the heat. No need for a firework show.

5. The Electric Boogie: Mind Your Appliances

Kitchen gadgets are cool, but we need to play it cool with them. Don’t yank the plugs out like you’re pulling off a Band-Aid. Turn off appliances before unplugging them. If cords are frayed—time for a new one. And don’t forget to dry your hands before handling anything electrical. Water and electricity? Not a great dance duo.

6. The Raw Rendezvous: Handle Food Right

Let’s talk turkey, or any other raw meat. Wash your hands before and after handling it. We don’t want any uninvited guests at our Thanksgiving party—like bacteria. Keep raw meat away from everything else–and please, don’t wash the turkey. It’s not a spa day; water splashes can spread bacteria. Give it a nice rub with some seasonings instead.

7. The Crowd Control: Limit Kitchen Chaos

A crowded kitchen is like a dance floor in a mosh pit—not great for safety. Limit the number of cooks in the kitchen, so everyone has their space to salsa with their pots and pans. Keep kids and pets out of the cooking zone. A wagging tail might knock over a pot, and we’re not looking for flying objects in the kitchen.

8. The Emergency Mambo: Be Prepared

Sometimes, despite all precautions, things can go offbeat. Be ready to do the emergency mambo. Have a fire extinguisher handy, know how to use it, and make sure it’s not expired. A small kitchen fire can turn into a hot mess quickly. Know where your first aid kit is, just in case you get a kitchen battle wound.

9. The Time Management Tango: Plan Ahead

Avoid the last-minute hustle. Plan your cooking dance ahead of time. Defrost that turkey in the fridge — not on the counter. Make a schedule for cooking so you’re not doing the cha-cha with a hot pan while juggling a recipe book. Less rush means more safety.

10. The Stress-Free Salsa: Enjoy the Dance

Last but not least, have fun. The kitchen dance is a joy, not a chore. If you find yourself doing the stress tango, take a deep breath. Remember, it’s not about perfection; it’s about enjoying the dance. So, let the aroma of Thanksgiving fill the air, and let’s have a safe and delightful feast!

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