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Flood Insurance

Your homeowners insurance won’t have your back when it comes to flood damage. Yeah, it’s a separate deal altogether. You gotta get yourself some flood insurance if you wanna be covered for those water-related woes.

Now, what’s great about flood insurance is that it’s not just about repairing the damage caused by the flood itself. It also takes into account all the hard work you and your family put in to protect your home. That means you can get reimbursed for things like sandbagging, moving furniture, and clearing out debris. It’s like a little reward for all that effort!

Here’s the deal: the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has these handy maps that determine flood zones. If your home happens to be in a 100-year flood plain according to those maps, you’ll need to have federal flood insurance in order to secure a mortgage. It’s a requirement, my friend. But if you’re living outside a high-risk zone or you’ve paid off your mortgage, then flood insurance becomes optional.

So take a good look at your situation, check those FEMA maps, and consider the importance of protecting your home against floods. It’s better to be prepared and have that extra coverage, especially when it comes to unpredictable water situations.

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